Booking The Conduit Sound Services at your space or event

Sound meditation is one of the biggest growing trends at this moment.

Sound makes an impact… and integral to The Conduit mission is our campaign to share this growing practice of sound services and its accessible benefits. Are you looking to invite some of the great sound services offered at The Conduit Center to your home or business? Let us help!

We frequently share the massage and Sound Meditation services outside of our studio on all sorts of locations. From corporate functions, staff retreats, college and grade-school students, yoga and retreat center we have developed a menu of format options based on our almost 10 years of experience in the field. Our teams of musicians and therapists working at all types of events at venues throughout the Northeast since 2008. We’d be happy to build you a quote and send you our service format descriptions. If you are interested, but aren’t sure of “how” our sound services can fit, please don’t hesitate to call us and let our experience help you build your vision.


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