Sound Meditation Services

Exploring sound as a medium for quiet is our passion. The Conduit Center was opened as a studio to invite the community to experience the benefits of sound meditation services.

We’ve come to define sound-meditation as a method of meditation which employs the use of sound as a guide. When listening to sound, one has the opportunity for deep, automatic meditation. Sound becomes an autonomous distraction, a singular focus point, for which one attaches their attention. When the attendant fully surrenders conscious thought over to the gestures of the sound, one loses the perception of constructs of ego, and the sound and the listener become one.

Our sound meditation services using the Gongs have a hugely successful rate, engaging a large percentage of our audience. Meditation, we have found, as is traditionally taught can be very difficult and intimidating. It sometimes goes so far as to frustrate people in its attempt, and increases the divide between user and their mind-body balance. Our Sound Meditation begins to close that gap. Meditation becomes accessible to all people through our sound meditation services. By using the techniques of guided meditation with the gongs, we’ve been able to open many to the connection with their inner selves, empowering the individual to find balance, true rest, and the health benefits of meditation when used with regular frequency.

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