We call our team The Conduit –The Conduit originated as a collective, or ‘band’ of musicians, working together to share wellness, and self-empowerment. We’ve developed techniques of vibration, sound, and guided thought-forms to channel listeners to a relaxed state of deep introspection. Our use of specialized ‘sound-meditation’ invites listeners to a space of calm and clarity, to gain understanding of self, and access gateways or paths of self-exploration for improvement.
Who we are

Who we are

The Conduit is our ‘group’s’ name. We believe individual wellness and peace is the first step towards a utopian world. Only when one emanates a lifestyle in balance and harmony, can one expect to grow peace into the community surrounding themselves.

We believe that the through the modality of meditation everyone has the power for introspection and growth. Sound, particularly from the gongs, has a unique ability to clear mental clutter, streamlining the meditation practice.

We have a studio location where we practice and perform regularly – You can discover more about the space and our projects there on our website – http://www.theConduitCenter.com

What is a conduit (defined)?

As we use it, a conduit is a term used to describe an a channel or instrument employed to initiate self-growth in an enlightened conscious direction. We utilize instruments like gongs & singing bowls to decrease mental distraction, allowing the body the chance return to its natural resonance. But any person can become a “Conduit” as the term refers to anyone who communicates, or facilitates wellness for them-self, or others.

We do not describe ourselves as healers, as we believe healing comes from within each of us. We believe that true health comes from a harmonizing of mind, body and spirit, and our “Vibrational Sound Massage” builds a safe and relaxing environment which helps our participants to find their own balance within.