• September 17, 2017
    5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Relax, Enjoy, and Elevate Bathed in the Vibrations of Beautiful Instruments

Performing a live show for special guests, The Conduit musicians use instruments such as ancient Himalayan singing bowls and planetary gongs, aromatherapy, and other tools to guide attendants deeply into a relaxed state of sonic bliss. The soothing orchestration envelops a room where deep meditative states neutralize the tumultuous setting of everyday life.

For this experience, you will lie down and be comfortable while the deep vibrations of the singing bowls, gongs, & bells provide a sonic mind-body massage.2016-10-ycc-soma-gong-2-pano

If you have any physical limitations, a few reclining zero-gravity chairs are available upon request. A limited supply of yoga mats, blankets and pillows will be available, but you may find bringing your own additional items helpful in completing the comfort of your own experience.

Unlimited Members Save 10%. Limited and Flex Members save 5%.

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Venue:   Yoga Center of Collinsville


Venue Phone: (860) 693-9642

Venue Website:

10 Front St, Collinsville, Connecticut, 061019, United States

Yoga Center of Collinsville
10 Front St Collinsville CT